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Atheistic scientists have lied about humanity’s intelligent design for centuries, and their lies have decayed our culture into the social dystopia continually ripening before our eyes. Life and death have purpose, and we belong to all of it, which the ancient Greeks understood as Telos, meaning "the end as it was intended."

Join Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, award-winning cancer specialist, as he recounts his impassioned search to discover humanity’s true origin and purpose. Not only does he address in plain, straightforward language how modern science points inextricably to God’s hand on earth, but he also reviews the history of western science and philosophy, challenges misguided theories from academic titans such as Aristotle, Newton, and Darwin, addresses complex questions regarding the human soul, equips the nonscientist with a confident understanding of how science validates faith, and helps readers reclaim a profound sense of individual purpose and meaning.

The time has come to resurrect ancient biblical truth and restore it to its rightful place. It will be a battle royale for the hearts and minds of our civilization, but the treasure is our spiritual inheritance—the greatest gift we will ever receive.

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Initial Launch Phase Speaker Invitation

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Dr. Iacoboni wants everyone to learn about TELOS, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the message to all those interested. For a limited time offer while the book is in the initial launch phase, Dr. Iacoboni is offering the following special arrangement:

Dr. Iacoboni will come and provide a free seminar and/or tutorial and book review on the many important and exhilarating concepts that he has discovered and written about in TELOS.

During this initial lunch phase there will be no speakership fee. Simply provide a setting and an audience of more than 10 interested listeners, and Dr. Iacoboni will give them a presentation they will long remember!

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The Undying Soul

A Cancer Doctor's Discovery

A primer for people facing life s last and greatest mystery and for those who travel with them, The Undying Soul relates the stories of real people fighting cancer, the doctor who gallantly fought beside them, and what he learned from them along the way. More than a memoir, The Undying Soul invites the reader to journey with the author, Stephen Iacoboni, MD, as he realizes that no matter how vast his scientific knowledge is, it isn't everything. And it isn t enough. It cannot replace the power of true faith, of recognition of The Undying Soul. Share Stephen Iacoboni s journey from a man who defined life within the confines of his scientific knowledge to a person for whom the existence of soul became as obvious as any fact in a scientific journal. More than a book for those facing life threatening illness in themselves or someone about whom they care Iacoboni writes for anyone searching for real meaning to life. This book serves as a subtle roadmap to the wholeness of spirit and freedom from doubt that provide true peace, giving credence to the existence of what the author calls The Undying Soul.