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In TELOS, Dr. Iacoboni masterfully provides the long awaited reconciliation between Faith and science, calling upon the hidden truth of the ages, now finally revealed.

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About Dr. Iacoboni

Bestselling Author and Doctor

Stephen J. Iacoboni, MD, is a dedicated doctor, an award-winning researcher, and an outdoorsman. He is the father of grown sons and an oncologist of forty years, who has been the medical director of three cancer centers in the Pacific Northwest. In his personal memoir, The Undying Soul, he chronicled the spiritual journey of his return to faith as a cancer doctor. He also embarked on a new journey to study the science of purpose. In TELOS, he reveals his remarkable discoveries hewn from those efforts, and invites the reader to share in the rich rewards of those endeavors. He continues to practice now, in Hermiston, Oregon.

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The Scientific Basis for A Life of Purpose

Join Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, award-winning cancer specialist, as he recounts his impassioned search to discover humanity’s true origin and purpose. The time has come to resurrect ancient biblical truth and restore it to its rightful place.

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  • Michael Karlfeldt, ND, Ph.D
    "Having worked closely with Dr. Iacoboni for several years, I know that he is a true visionary in both science and cancer medicine.  Beyond that, he has demonstrated that oh-so-rare capacity among medical practitioners to integrate his personal faith with his mission of healing. The deep personal insights and discoveries he reveals in TELOS clearly reflect these unique qualities, and those who Discover TELOS will be richly rewarded!"
    Michael Karlfeldt, ND, Ph.D
    CEO ,The KARLFELDT Center, Meridian, Idaho; Producer/writer for "True Health: Body Mind Spirit"
  • Dr. R. S. Gunasekera, MS, PhD, DIDV
    "In an era when physicists are discussing super-determinism and testing evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe, this book that describes how life has a predetermined purpose—Telos by oncologist Dr. Stephen Iacoboni—comes as a complement and is greatly refreshing. Iacoboni explains how random DNA mutations, occurring at nano levels, are unable to cause a better “evolved” species—the premise of Darwinian speciation. However, in contrast, such mutations are fundamental for causing the chaos of cancer. This contradiction in paradigms, coming from a cancer physician, makes this literary work even more compelling. If you are interested in a scientific-literary work that is down-to-earth, humorous, with a unique artistic flair that provides evidence for the design and purpose of life, this is a book you must read!"
    Dr. R. S. Gunasekera, MS, PhD, DIDV
    Professor of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences, School of Science, Technology & Health, Biola University
  • Donald W. Schultz
    "Dr. Iacoboni’s book, Telos, is a powerful account of his journey through the maze of philosophical discourse, his personal struggle to help the terminally ill by understanding the human soul, and his continuing spiritual renaissance. Building upon his previous book, The Undying Soul, Dr. Iacoboni shares his many decades of experience as an oncologist. In a logical and methodical fashion, he also tackles the most profound questions of life as he quotes and deconstructs many of the most influential characters in the history of man and how they have played a role in today’s struggling society. While articulating the purpose of life in Telos, Dr. Iacoboni addresses nearly every issue and argument for intelligent design and provides a path of faith and hope for other physicians to follow. I believe this book should be in the library of every serious student of science and medicine today."
    Donald W. Schultz
    Boeing Technical Principal, retired aerospace engineer
  • Rick Sternberg
    Biologists dread the notion of organization, which is, as Aristotle put it, the telos that gives unity to variety. Comparing the nature of organisms to such things as automated machines and ship building, Aristotle described how they fundamentally differ: that which lives must build and maintain itself from the inside out, so to speak, and for this there is a need for something that goes far beyond mere matter-in-motion. Now Dr. Stephen Iacoboni has presented a compelling argument for why telos should be front and center in our studies of living things. In his book Telos, he does this by taking us from Aristotle to that great mathematical biologist of the twentieth century, Robert Rosen, who discovered that final causation is the very kernel of the logic and mathematics of the nature of organisms. Kudos to Dr. Iacoboni for writing this far-seeing, much-needed book.
    Rick Sternberg
    Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute
  • Mary E. Anderson
    "I am “Mary” in chapter 25 of Telos. Dr. Iacoboni provided therapy for my cancer that went beyond the boundaries of the current chemotherapy paradigms. I was failing under the conventional protocols. His keen insights and willingness to treat the whole patient literally saved my life. So when he says in Telos that we need to rewrite the paradigms of science, I can tell you that he knows what he’s talking about. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t be alive to write this."
    Mary E. Anderson
    Parachute, Colorado
  • Howard Glicksman, MD
    "In Telos: The Scientific Basis for a Life of Purpose, oncologist Stephen Iacoboni, having been misled by his mentors, redeems himself by taking the reader on a philosophical and scientific tour of history. In it he demolishes the lie of Neo-Darwinism and, with it, atheistic materialism and demonstrates the truth of purpose in life. Originally motivated by his desire to be the quintessential physician, a practitioner of not only the science but also the art of medicine, Dr. Iacoboni, in his own inimitable way, brings about “the resurrection of a timeless yet forgotten worldview, one that reunites faith and science.” Telos, which is also an ancient Greek term meaning “the end as it was intended,” is a must-read for those who wonder how we got ourselves into such a pickle. Was life all due to Telos or not? Dr. Iacoboni answers that it was!"
    Howard Glicksman, MD
    Author of the Evolution News 81-part series “The Designed Body”
  • Thomas Incledon, PhD
    "Working directly with Dr. Iacoboni in the emerging field of integrative oncology, I have seen firsthand his ability to think creatively in all academic arenas, including the need for drastic changes in the rigid paradigms that have crippled progress in medical research. In Telos, he illustrates his devotion to cancer care as well as his understanding of God’s action in the natural world. His utterly unique insights demonstrate how to reconcile God with modern science as he methodically dispenses with the mythology of scientific atheism that is so harmful to our society. Readers of Telos will find truly astonishing revelations necessary to understanding how to reconcile twenty-first-century science with our Creator."
    Thomas Incledon, PhD
    Chief Scientific Officer, Causenta Wellness & Cancer Care Center
  • Stephen C. Meyer, PhD
    "In his new book Telos, cancer physician Stephen Iacoboni writes a very accessible account of why purpose (Telos) lies at the heart of life and all of nature. He takes his readers on a journey through the history of philosophy and science from Aristotle to Darwin to Einstein and beyond. In so doing, he narrates how the recognition of purpose in nature was lost and why it must now be regained. And he shares his own journey from seeing his own life as devoid of purpose to realizing that he had a purpose given to him by God. His embrace of the classical Aristotelian perspective leads him to see Telos as more embedded in nature than even many proponents of intelligent design, but his insights will be well appreciated by anyone who has honestly explored the evidence of design seen throughout life. Highly recommended!"
    Stephen C. Meyer, PhD
    Director, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute, and author of "Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind behind the Universe"
  • Carson Martin
    "When I met Dr. Iacoboni, I was in a severe health crisis. I needed a doctor who could think outside the normal paradigms. He came up with a truly innovative plan to work synergistically with the routine chemotherapy treatments. Now I’m almost three years cancer free, married, and just had my first child. Dr. Iacoboni’s revolutionary insights in cancer medicine reflect his unique ability to penetrate the other great mysteries of science. The epiphanies he shares in Telos are equal to his mastery of cancer medicine. Readers of Telos will be greatly rewarded by learning what he has discovered, just as I will be forever indebted to him for helping me on my pathway to health."
    Carson Martin
    Saluda, South Carolina